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Engagement 101

Engagement 101 is an online magazine created in 2006. It is dedicated to help couples plan their engagement and pick the perfect engagement ring. 

Engagement 101 is thrilled to launch an innovative new movement to bring the suitor into the spotlight. Appropriately named “Propose Too,” the concept is poised to update the tradition of the marriage proposal to match today’s societal norms and start the conversation of women both proposing first and proposing back.  Launching on the Engagement 101 website, Propose Too will house unique content, research, testimonials, real proposals and a special line of products designed for the woman to return the gesture of a proposal to her suitor. 

The brainchild of Engagement 101 Founder and Editor Severine Ferrari, Propose Too was conceived and inspired by personal experience and in reaction to the changing dynamics of marital equality. Modern questions continue to come up.  Why, in 2018, are straight men still expected to be the ones to propose? How can women reciprocate? Why not propose to each other like many same sex couples do? Why are women the only ones wearing engagement rings? The movement is designed to update a very traditional mentality and change the proposal game.


“My personal situation, our audience and the LGBTQ community all inspired me to launch this movement,” explains Ferrari. “Our audience continuously expresses to us how frustrated they are to be dependent on the boyfriend deciding the timing of the proposal. I personally proposed to my boyfriend, and it was great! I also see the LGBTQ community having more and more double proposals. What a fun concept! I thought that it was time to tip the scales towards women’s empowerment in committed straight relationships, as well. I thought I could help our audience find a path towards more equality when it comes to the proposal.”

Severine Ferrari, 2017 Winner of the WJA Awards of Excellence Editorial Category, was born in Paris and moved to the U.S. early in her career. Her French sense of style and romance has always influenced her avant-garde editorial vision and voice. It allows her to forecast future trends and changes coming to the US market as well as support them. She just got engaged to her boyfriend James Merendino and proposed first. Severine strongly believes that men should also wear and engagement token and that  more women should feel empowered to propose to their boyfriend. It's time.


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