Summer 2020 Pop-Up

Love is not cancelled

One of a Kind Commitment Bands


This capsule collection of rings you can wear as engagement or wedding bands, is a collaboration between 2 indie jewelry brands, Chris Ploof Designs and Sholdt Design.

Chris Ploof is based in Massachusetts and has studied with many well-known artists, and apprenticed under a master goldsmith. He has an insatiable curiosity and drive that lead him down long roads even after the challenges at hand have been met. “Impossible is only a temporary condition,” he likes to say. “If my customer wants a Damascus bathtub, we will make it for them.” This intense drive is balanced with a wry, wonderful sense of humor that is one of his greatest assets when things don’t go as planned. “Sometimes my best discoveries come from my biggest mistakes,” he admits.

Kalee Sholdt is the owner of Sholdt Design, a 4th generation jeweler. The company was created in 1934 and it is the first time that it is helmed by a woman. Sholdt rings are sold all across the country and made in their Seattle workshop in an old brewery. Inspired by Seattle's lifestyle, Sholdt rings are usually low set so they can be worn by athletic women. They gravitates around 3 different styles, sleek bezel settings, ornate vintage inspired rings and their new textured fern finish collection. 

Kalee and Chris often collaborate on custom wedding ring projects. It is the first time that they have created together a capsule collection.  These rings are a technical challenge. They are not CAD designed. They are made by forging  hot 17lb  metal bars at 1700 degrees fahrenheit and by cutting, carving and twisting the steel. Then, they make and finish each ring. They make a mold, inject it with wax then cast it in the customer's metal choice before finishing it. 

The Rainier ring, one of the pieces from the collection, just won a Propose Too Design award for best mangagement ring below $1,000.