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Chris Ploof

Chris Ploof is based in Massachusetts and has studied with many well-known artists, and apprenticed under a master goldsmith. He has an insatiable curiosity and drive that lead him down long roads even after the challenges at hand have been met. “Impossible is only a temporary condition,” he likes to say. “If my customer wants a Damascus bathtub, we will make it for them.” This intense drive is balanced with a wry, wonderful sense of humor that is one of his greatest assets when things don’t go as planned. “Sometimes my best discoveries come from my biggest mistakes,” he admits.

A wedding band designed by Chris Ploof is always recognizable. His unique style and choice of metals are always keeping him one step above the others.

Chris forges meteorite iron with exquisite attention to its longevity, has adapted the strength and beauty of ancient sword making secrets into wearable, stainless Damascus steel, and famously known for fusing luscious color combinations of gold, palladium and platinum for the Mokume Gane rings. These rings are crafted at his studio from start to finish. With patterns evoking wood grain, flowing water and other natural elements. Using only recycled, non-conflict sources for gemstones and metals.

We were so excited to get to work with him on our engagement pendant, the perfect gift for your man! Chris hand sets all the diamonds for each pendant.

"It's such a pleasure to be working on this project with Severine and Engagement 101,” says Ploof.  “I've known her for a long time, and it's exciting to be part of bringing this brilliant new concept to life.  My technical and manufacturing expertise can add real value to the project. Having a customer put their trust in me when I make wedding rings is one of the best parts of my job, but making these Propose Too pendants is an amazing feeling. To challenge and change social norms and to be able to help a couple celebrate the very first steps in their union is truly special. Steel is real and strong, and I love the inclusion of the diamond! It's a little bit of bling but it's an important symbol, reminding you of how special the person you will be marrying soon is."

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